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Posted by on Jul 18, 2015 in Blog |

The culture of Living in a House

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Long before the first invention of anything we consider high-technology, It has been the need of humans to provide shelter for themselves and for their family or kin. In fact, this is one of the three basic commodities – food, shelter and clothing.

Before, people make do with what they have. They use caves, stones, leaves or whatever is within reach, in order to provide a home for the family. Nowadays, the world has provided us with options such that we even have the luxury to change the design and look and materials of our homes, whenever we see fit or just whenever we like.

I have a business partner who focuses on interior design services. He told me once that he had clients who would do trial and errors with the designs of their houses. For instance, they would request a change in the design and his company would oblige to their request. In two to three weeks, the client would call again and have it redesigned merely because it has become boring or they wanted to try another design. That is how disposable houses and materials for houses are, these days.

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But no matter the case, before or at present, the basic elements of a good home are still vivid in all types of houses, old and new.

A house has got to have walls. Even before, during the time of cavemen, they choose caves because they provided a wall against the outside world. Today, houses still have walls. The only thing different now is that people can choose the size, color, thickness and type of material of their walls. Some would like glass while others prefer wood and most people prefer concrete. But whichever the case, walls are there to protect those inside from the outside.

A door is essential as well. Not all houses have gates, like most of my business partner’s clients I’m Toronto, who do not focus on gates but rather on the door of the house itself. Some have intricate designs while some have it plain. During the old times, caves were covered with rocks or vines to serve as doors.

Lastly, a basic element of a house is a good and sturdy roof. A house is not complete without a roof over its four walls. Of course, this part of the house has to be one of the sturdiest foundations too, because it could cause the whole thing to collapse if it is not properly built. The importance of this part of the home is so important, that it is the part used in the cliche “to put a roof above their heads” which refers to a person who would provide a good home for his family.

While a lot of things have changed, indeed, the culture of what makes a house a home, is still present until today. It’s wonderful to note that no matter how far we go into the future, something that humans got from the past will always stay.