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Posted by on Jul 8, 2015 in Blog |

Culturally Inspired Homes

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I have just recently transferred into a more sub-urban part of Alabama. I moved here because of my work.  As I am new to the place, I always take walks every afternoon. This has always been my favorite exercise. I also do to so that I could get to know the place even better. The village is very beautiful and peaceful. The houses are gorgeous and well maintained.

What really made me wow over the place was that it was always like a trip around the world. The  nationality of the owners of the houses were visible in the way that they have designed their houses and landscaped their gardens. It is like a community of different cultures and traditions exhibited in a peaceful area.

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We all know that even something as abstract and widely- scoped as “culture” can show not only through where a person was from or the way they dress or in their ideals and beliefs in life. It could also manifest in the houses of people. Believe it or not, when you see a pagoda like house, you will know the owners are from Japan, if not an avid fan of Japan culture. If you see a house filled with plants and a veranda and brick-like designs, then they are probably from Europe. American houses are filled with straightforwardness of structure and monotonous colors. Even through houses, one’s love for their own culture, or even for other cultures, can be expressed.

It has been a few days now since I have moved to my new home. It’s a decent home that I bought for a decent price. It was fully furnished, as part of the deal, and to me, it had the right American feel to it. Before I actually moved into the house, it had to go through a few repairs and changes. I had to par with the other houses that were already there. They were all so lovely and I did not want to destroy the line-up of pretty houses, so I had this house beautified as well.


At first I wanted to renovate it to represent a more distinct culture than an American home. However, I could not find in me the perfect idea of a foreign culture because I have always been home-grown. Meaning, I have been taught to love my own country. Although, I have a small background on Indian culture when my father was assigned to work there for a short period and we were allowed to go with him. It was during that time that I got to learn so much from a place outside our own and it was a lovely experience. However, at the end of the day, my heart still belongs to my country.

Hence, I decided to stick to an American style home, because I know it would be the design I would be most happy and comfortable to live in.

I am just happy to be in such a lovely neighborhood, and I am even happier that my home is seen as pretty as their homes.