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Posted by on Nov 2, 2015 in Blog |

Choosing A Home

Choosing a home with real estate agent in Oxford

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When choosing a good home, we rely most often in our gut feelings and make decisions based on something we have felt rather than what we have seen. Before we bought our house over a year ago, we’ve seen many nice houses laid before our eyes. It took me and my husband several days before coming up with a final decision.

The day realtors named Joey Crews and his team brought us to a house site and went inside this one lovely house, we knew it was the one. But we did not say yes immediately. We took a hard look on the price. We contemplated for days on the mortgages and loans while worrying that the house might be bought by another interested buyer. Great thing that the best real estate agent in Oxford was there to keep us focused and offered us sound advice about the importance of a good home.

I had spent sleepless nights thinking about the house. Among all the houses we’ve seen, it was the only house where I had a certain feel. Some houses we visited looked uninviting and cold. But this one had a kind of happy vibe that lived in it. When I stepped right into it, I thought of it as the perfect place to raise my kids, to celebrate holidays, to entertain families and friends and to create memories for many years. I was not actually looking for a house. I was looking for a home. What I also love about the place is its location in Oxford. It suits well to our lifestyle and needs. We love the outdoors. The roads are perfect for biking and early morning runs. The manicured gardens and big trees which gave shades to the neighborhood made an over-all look of a relaxing place. My mind was responding to the cues of the environment and that finally led us to sign the deal and made a clean real estate transaction.

We all have ideas of must-haves for choosing a home. The best home for us must have everything we need. It must have a spacious kitchen, amenities that kids can enjoy, grocery store and cafes nearby and must be in a safe neighborhood. This is not about striving for perfection. It is about taking advantage of all the good things in life. It is about giving a safe place for our family. Choosing a good home is one of the many ways of showing our love and care towards them.

We usually seek for tips and advice when we’re out to make a property purchase. These tips oftentimes work. Seeing the tangible things can be necessary.  But it is our gut feel, instinct or intuition that helps us in arriving at the right decision. I have never regretted a thing since we moved in to the house. The corners are always filled with laughter. The kitchen maybe small but it’s a great place for bonding. There is a yard where kids can enjoy running and playing. There is so much to be thankful for in this home.