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Posted by on Nov 10, 2015 in Blog |

Be Your Own Anniston Plumber In Your Own Home

Why it feels good to own your own home and be your own Anniston plumber

Choosing a home is one of the most difficult decisions we have to make in life. I am talking about investing in a house and calling it your own. It’s really the most difficult because as any financial expert would say, housing is our biggest expense. Mortgages could eat up a large percentage of our household budget every month. Then we would start asking questions – Can I deal with it? Is the expense going to be worth it? Better way, we just have to rely in our feeling about this decision or get into serious discernment. You will know if it’s the way to go if you feel a certain relief after too much thinking.

I knew everything about it because I bought a house few months ago in an Anniston location. I went through a process of thinking too much if I have to take it or not. It could had been easier to choose because I could let my side of frugality decide. It was telling me to rent an apartment in Anniston instead. But I thought renting a place would be wasting money. That money could add up to a monthly mortgage for a house you can own. In the end part, I opted to buy a smaller house but comfortable enough to live in. That gave me a feeling of relief.

I consider our modest house a nice possession of our family. Although it’s not worth a million dollars with a big exquisite pool, I am content in our small cozy home. I like that it’s in a neighborhood with clean and well-maintained surroundings that seem close to the grounds of the most expensive subdivisions in the area.

I was able to afford a decent home for my family because I am frugal. My wise spending for all those years enabled me to save big and buy this home in cash. I am a person who is afraid of debts.  Even in purchasing household appliances and furniture, I don’t give in to installment plans. I bought my LED television, washing machine, tankless water heater and other useful things at home in cash. I am proud to be a debt-free person.

Living a frugal life doesn’t mean you can’t buy nice things like a house. It is about spending your money in important things. And a dwelling place is a very basic need more important than a dozen pair of shoes and a nice car. Other people who call themselves financially wise would usually tell us not to buy a house because buying one can be the worst thing we can do for our finances and personal life. I take it as an advice based on subjective experiences. No one can tell us what we should do of whether to buy versus rent. I personally chose to own a home because I see all its advantages, from having privacy to avoiding inflation rates in renting. With our own home, we can have our own garden, personalize our living room , host special occasions without the rules of a landlord, and even be our own Anniston plumber if we want to.