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Avasa in Buddhism means “dwelling.”

Hence, when we say avasa, we will not just talk about a place to live in. We will talk about happy living, happy homes, and how to achieve them.

I have always believed that there is a difference between a house and a home. A house is merely the structure, the one with a roof, walls, windows and doors. However, a home is so much more. It is a place where people are safe, where memories are created and where love is truly felt.

Thus, a dwelling, or a home, does not just refer to a house. It could refer to a person’s body, it could refer to a place that is soothing and serene and calm, it could refer to the beach, or about anything and everywhere else, just as long as a person can find genuine peace and happiness.

This blog will share with you what it truly means to be in your true dwelling.