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7 Elements of a Perfect and Happy Lawn

Posted by on Jan 3, 2018 in Blog |

If perhaps lawn care chores are wearing you up, you might be trying way too hard. Nurturing a landscape takes some genuine effort, but why make it challenging? You can keep that lawn and even yourself perfectly happy with seven simple steps.

1. Fully grasp the Grass – Just knowing what type of turf you’re growing isn’t enough. Bermuda grass doesn’t prefer shade, and St. Augustine is a serious drinker. Whether it’s buffalo, centipede or even zoysia, show that landscape and lawncare some love by finding out about its preferences.

2. Watch Your Watering – Stop the habit of watering on set times. Slow, deep soakings encourage nourishing root systems, so wait around until the yard looks a bit thirsty. Whether you irrigate with a sprinkler or perhaps an automated system, water early in the morning for optimum effect.

3. Feed on Schedule – The majority of lawns prefer their nutrients served every two months from May throughout late September or early on October. Cater to their preferences with slow-release fertilizers, and treat those to organic goodies left out by a mulching mower.

4. Let It Breathe – Thatch build up chokes off root systems and may get in the way of water and nourishment uptake. Give that grass breathing room with an intensive aeration every fall. The task requires special equipment, therefore check with your lawn care professional.

5. Check out Bad Patches – A nourishing, green lawn with a some bad patches can become a landscaping disaster. Get the trowel, poke around, and check that lawn for signs of fungal disease or even insect invasions. Always be aware of grass that doesn’t look quite right.

6. Sample the Soil – It’s simple, and you only have to do it every two years. Insert your dirt in an envelope, and then mail it off for an affordable soil report card.

7. Sharpen Your Blades – When you don’t take care of the lawn mower, you end up ripping the grass instead of cutting it. Sharpened blades make the job simpler on you and the yard, so renew their edges monthly. Invest in a plastic blade balancer that enables you to reassemble the mower like a pro.

Doing these set of tips will surely give you satisfying results, happy lawn, happy home and a happy lifestyle.

Be Your Own Anniston Plumber In Your Own Home

Posted by on Nov 10, 2015 in Blog |

Why it feels good to own your own home and be your own Anniston plumber

Choosing a home is one of the most difficult decisions we have to make in life. I am talking about investing in a house and calling it your own. It’s really the most difficult because as any financial expert would say, housing is our biggest expense. Mortgages could eat up a large percentage of our household budget every month. Then we would start asking questions – Can I deal with it? Is the expense going to be worth it? Better way, we just have to rely in our feeling about this decision or get into serious discernment. You will know if it’s the way to go if you feel a certain relief after too much thinking.

I knew everything about it because I bought a house few months ago in an Anniston location. I went through a process of thinking too much if I have to take it or not. It could had been easier to choose because I could let my side of frugality decide. It was telling me to rent an apartment in Anniston instead. But I thought renting a place would be wasting money. That money could add up to a monthly mortgage for a house you can own. In the end part, I opted to buy a smaller house but comfortable enough to live in. That gave me a feeling of relief.

I consider our modest house a nice possession of our family. Although it’s not worth a million dollars with a big exquisite pool, I am content in our small cozy home. I like that it’s in a neighborhood with clean and well-maintained surroundings that seem close to the grounds of the most expensive subdivisions in the area.

I was able to afford a decent home for my family because I am frugal. My wise spending for all those years enabled me to save big and buy this home in cash. I am a person who is afraid of debts.  Even in purchasing household appliances and furniture, I don’t give in to installment plans. I bought my LED television, washing machine, tankless water heater and other useful things at home in cash. I am proud to be a debt-free person.

Living a frugal life doesn’t mean you can’t buy nice things like a house. It is about spending your money in important things. And a dwelling place is a very basic need more important than a dozen pair of shoes and a nice car. Other people who call themselves financially wise would usually tell us not to buy a house because buying one can be the worst thing we can do for our finances and personal life. I take it as an advice based on subjective experiences. No one can tell us what we should do of whether to buy versus rent. I personally chose to own a home because I see all its advantages, from having privacy to avoiding inflation rates in renting. With our own home, we can have our own garden, personalize our living room , host special occasions without the rules of a landlord, and even be our own Anniston plumber if we want to.


Choosing A Home

Posted by on Nov 2, 2015 in Blog |

Choosing a home with real estate agent in Oxford

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When choosing a good home, we rely most often in our gut feelings and make decisions based on something we have felt rather than what we have seen. Before we bought our house over a year ago, we’ve seen many nice houses laid before our eyes. It took me and my husband several days before coming up with a final decision.

The day realtors named Joey Crews and his team brought us to a house site and went inside this one lovely house, we knew it was the one. But we did not say yes immediately. We took a hard look on the price. We contemplated for days on the mortgages and loans while worrying that the house might be bought by another interested buyer. Great thing that the best real estate agent in Oxford was there to keep us focused and offered us sound advice about the importance of a good home.

I had spent sleepless nights thinking about the house. Among all the houses we’ve seen, it was the only house where I had a certain feel. Some houses we visited looked uninviting and cold. But this one had a kind of happy vibe that lived in it. When I stepped right into it, I thought of it as the perfect place to raise my kids, to celebrate holidays, to entertain families and friends and to create memories for many years. I was not actually looking for a house. I was looking for a home. What I also love about the place is its location in Oxford. It suits well to our lifestyle and needs. We love the outdoors. The roads are perfect for biking and early morning runs. The manicured gardens and big trees which gave shades to the neighborhood made an over-all look of a relaxing place. My mind was responding to the cues of the environment and that finally led us to sign the deal and made a clean real estate transaction.

We all have ideas of must-haves for choosing a home. The best home for us must have everything we need. It must have a spacious kitchen, amenities that kids can enjoy, grocery store and cafes nearby and must be in a safe neighborhood. This is not about striving for perfection. It is about taking advantage of all the good things in life. It is about giving a safe place for our family. Choosing a good home is one of the many ways of showing our love and care towards them.

We usually seek for tips and advice when we’re out to make a property purchase. These tips oftentimes work. Seeing the tangible things can be necessary.  But it is our gut feel, instinct or intuition that helps us in arriving at the right decision. I have never regretted a thing since we moved in to the house. The corners are always filled with laughter. The kitchen maybe small but it’s a great place for bonding. There is a yard where kids can enjoy running and playing. There is so much to be thankful for in this home.

The culture of Living in a House

Posted by on Jul 18, 2015 in Blog |

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Long before the first invention of anything we consider high-technology, It has been the need of humans to provide shelter for themselves and for their family or kin. In fact, this is one of the three basic commodities – food, shelter and clothing.

Before, people make do with what they have. They use caves, stones, leaves or whatever is within reach, in order to provide a home for the family. Nowadays, the world has provided us with options such that we even have the luxury to change the design and look and materials of our homes, whenever we see fit or just whenever we like.

I have a business partner who focuses on interior design services. He told me once that he had clients who would do trial and errors with the designs of their houses. For instance, they would request a change in the design and his company would oblige to their request. In two to three weeks, the client would call again and have it redesigned merely because it has become boring or they wanted to try another design. That is how disposable houses and materials for houses are, these days.

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But no matter the case, before or at present, the basic elements of a good home are still vivid in all types of houses, old and new.

A house has got to have walls. Even before, during the time of cavemen, they choose caves because they provided a wall against the outside world. Today, houses still have walls. The only thing different now is that people can choose the size, color, thickness and type of material of their walls. Some would like glass while others prefer wood and most people prefer concrete. But whichever the case, walls are there to protect those inside from the outside.

A door is essential as well. Not all houses have gates, like most of my business partner’s clients I’m Toronto, who do not focus on gates but rather on the door of the house itself. Some have intricate designs while some have it plain. During the old times, caves were covered with rocks or vines to serve as doors.

Lastly, a basic element of a house is a good and sturdy roof. A house is not complete without a roof over its four walls. Of course, this part of the house has to be one of the sturdiest foundations too, because it could cause the whole thing to collapse if it is not properly built. The importance of this part of the home is so important, that it is the part used in the cliche “to put a roof above their heads” which refers to a person who would provide a good home for his family.

While a lot of things have changed, indeed, the culture of what makes a house a home, is still present until today. It’s wonderful to note that no matter how far we go into the future, something that humans got from the past will always stay.


Culturally Inspired Homes

Posted by on Jul 8, 2015 in Blog |

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I have just recently transferred into a more sub-urban part of Alabama. I moved here because of my work.  As I am new to the place, I always take walks every afternoon. This has always been my favorite exercise. I also do to so that I could get to know the place even better. The village is very beautiful and peaceful. The houses are gorgeous and well maintained.

What really made me wow over the place was that it was always like a trip around the world. The  nationality of the owners of the houses were visible in the way that they have designed their houses and landscaped their gardens. It is like a community of different cultures and traditions exhibited in a peaceful area.

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We all know that even something as abstract and widely- scoped as “culture” can show not only through where a person was from or the way they dress or in their ideals and beliefs in life. It could also manifest in the houses of people. Believe it or not, when you see a pagoda like house, you will know the owners are from Japan, if not an avid fan of Japan culture. If you see a house filled with plants and a veranda and brick-like designs, then they are probably from Europe. American houses are filled with straightforwardness of structure and monotonous colors. Even through houses, one’s love for their own culture, or even for other cultures, can be expressed.

It has been a few days now since I have moved to my new home. It’s a decent home that I bought for a decent price. It was fully furnished, as part of the deal, and to me, it had the right American feel to it. Before I actually moved into the house, it had to go through a few repairs and changes. I had to par with the other houses that were already there. They were all so lovely and I did not want to destroy the line-up of pretty houses, so I had this house beautified as well.


At first I wanted to renovate it to represent a more distinct culture than an American home. However, I could not find in me the perfect idea of a foreign culture because I have always been home-grown. Meaning, I have been taught to love my own country. Although, I have a small background on Indian culture when my father was assigned to work there for a short period and we were allowed to go with him. It was during that time that I got to learn so much from a place outside our own and it was a lovely experience. However, at the end of the day, my heart still belongs to my country.

Hence, I decided to stick to an American style home, because I know it would be the design I would be most happy and comfortable to live in.

I am just happy to be in such a lovely neighborhood, and I am even happier that my home is seen as pretty as their homes.